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The Pôle Mer Bretagne is at the heart of a network in which major companies, SMEs, research centres and higher education establishments combine ideas and skills to develop collaborative innovative projects within the maritime industry. The Pôle Mer promotes new contacts and ongoing exchanges to boost the competitiveness of each player in the maritime economy. On the basis of this twofold strategy, five major themes have been developed for the cluster's work: Maritime safety and security, Shipbuilding and leisure boatbuilding, Marine energy resources, Marine biological resources - Fishing/Fish farming and biotechnology & Coastal environmental planning and development

More information: http://www.pole-mer-bretagne-atlantique.com/innovate-to-prosper.php


Science and technology park in the Nantes Atlantique economic and university basin, containing a European Business and Innovation Center, acting as the regional incubator of the Pays de la Loire, and managing and/or partnering several competitiveness clusters. Atlanpole’s missions include skill coordination and networking, innovation engineering & international marketing. Its geographical concerns are Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and La Roche Sur Yon economic and university basin.

More information:http://www.atlanpole.com/



The Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Ange-Guépin promotes research activities in various fields: law, economy, history, sociology, languages, etc. It also contributes to “social links” and encourages interdisciplinary collaborations.   

More information: http://www.msh.univ-nantes.fr/



Labelled by the Ministry of Research as a multi-disciplinary research group, thereafter as a Cluster of marine research within the University of Nantes, the coastal and marine cluster becomes the Institut Universitaire Mer et Littoral in January 2012. IUML gathers 17 research units from the University of Nantes, CNRS, IFREMER, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, University of Le Mans and the University of Angers.

More information: http://www.iuml-cnrs.fr/en/



Public organization working for enterprises and the Loire-Atlantique territory, the CCI Nantes Saint-Nazaire is led by company leaders elected by their peers. It is involved in the management of several entities and very often works with local communities and enterprises.

More information:http://nantesstnazaire.cci.fr/



The South Western Waters Regional Advisory Council (CCR.S, S for South) has been created in April 2007 in respect to the July 19th of 2004 Council decision, establishing the Regional Advisory Councils (RAC). The creation of the RAC's is one of the pillars of the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy of 2002. The South Western RAC mission is to contribute to achieve the goals of a sustainable exploitation like it is fixed by the Common Fisheries Policy.

More information: http://www.ccr-s.eu/EN/index.asp

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